Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blogger on Ipad App

I am trying my hand at using the Blogger App on my Ipad. 
All I can say so far is, it is not easy and doesn't want to play my games. We will see how this goes!!!'

Sweet Peas - one of my favourite flowers. I wish I could share the scent with you.  Thank you to Valderie for gifting them to me after our special event at Toowoomba

Some secret sewing has been going in these past few weeks and there is nothing I can share on that front right now. 

Lilian recently had a day with Nana and we did some painting. I painted ( or attempted to paint) a poppy card for Shirley.  The significance being, no matter what happens to us or where we end up, I will always remember Shirley and the friendship we share. I am just an old sentimentalist.

After painting we had to play Mummys and then Doctors.

Dr Lilian with baby on the 'bed'. 

" Now, what's wrong?"

Mummy giving the bottle

Now for some solid food. 

Special thanks to Shirley for donating the baby :)

Very shortly we are going back to visit one of our favourite places, 1770. Paradise!

Now it is time to find out how to publish this!!!

Until next time .............Dianne