Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Something I might have thrown away

Following along with Carolyn Dube and her January Challenge " Use Something that would have been Thrown Away", I painted up the packaging in which I received my new stencils in from Stencil Girl Products.Carolyn did one also (HERE) if you would like to see what she did. I would love to get her postage related stencils but I am having a 'no buy craft' month in January and February. Think I will save some pennies and have to indulge in some more fantastic stencils from Stencil Girl. There is so much you can do with stencils.
This side is not finished yet ( I think)
I used really bright colours on this side a la Carolyn and then my favourite stencil over it and then highlighted the flowers with a purple Sharpie and a white gel pen. The gel pen (Uni sigmo) did not do well over some of the surface for some reason.

Our darling grand daughter loves to dance and could not resist a frolic in the summer rain a few days ago. It brought back memories of my sister and me running around in the rain and jumping in puddles. :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Recycle Art Month

It is a recycling kinda art month with Carolyn Dube's "Let's Play Link up Party". If you go to her blog at you can see what other people have linked up.


I am in the process of making these old diaries into little art and travel journals. It is a fun process and as I do it I am experimenting with using different recycled stuff to use as stamps, stencils etc.

This is a polystyrene tray which I have etched into with an old pen and turned into a stamp. It is my favourite way of getting a unique stamp.

Carolyn has really inspired me to use some vibrant colour and I am embracing it.

Until next time, have fun ........Dianne


Monday, January 11, 2016

Playing with cardboard and paints

Before Christmas I was given 'Permission To Play' by following along with Carolyn Dube from A Colorful Journey blog and started making a little cardboard book.

If you would like to follow along, Carolyn has generously offered this tutorial for absolutely free. Just click on the Permission to Play link and register. You will be guaranteed lots of fun and gain lots of inspiration from Carolyn who has a fun way of showing us how to be free with our art. There is a Facebook page where you can share your work called A Colorful Place to Play.

Here is my little book which I am calling finished - but may not be!F



On Sunday I decided to play around with some fabric paints I have had for years and years. They are a Jaquard product, Dye-Na-Flow. They are easy to use, very saturated colour and can be used on many surfaces. I colourised some backgrounds of pieces of white cotton I had used to try out different techniques. Silly me forgot to take before photos but I was very happy with the finished pieces.

While I was at it I used them on my art apron too which I had made before Christmas. It is going to be worn at our new textile art group gatherings at Toowoomba Quilters. We call ourselves TAG - Textile Art Group. A lot of the backgrounds of the collaged pieces were white so I went to town with COLOUR!! Makes me happy now.

Until next time, have fun, Dianne.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas and Summer Holidays

If there is anybody left out there who still looks to read this blog, may I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
My lovely friend Marleen have me this cute and novel wreath. How versatile are those hexagons?
Lunching with my dear quilting friends yesterday, Vicky, Joan and Marleen. Lilian also joined us. We had a lovely meal, shared some gifts and some laughter.

I have had this reindeer stamp for many years, so finally put it to use and made some little gift cards for my friends.

Shirley gave me this great book by Chris Cozen who does lovely textile and mixed media work. She loves experimenting with different mediums and explains different ways to alter fabric in the book. It is good reading.


Our darling granddaughter was the most precious reindeer at her ballet concert a fortnight ago. The whole concert was really entertaining and a credit to the teacher.

This pair are getting hooked on the latest craze. Lilian chose a Mandala colouring book at the shop and I have Shirley the Jane Monk book, Tangled Gardens. There are some fabulous designs in them.

Shirley loves butterflies and started on this one. Beautiful!

Lilian seems to have an inate colour sense and her fine motor skills are outstanding for her age. Looking good!


Until next time, Dianne


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Patchwork Piecing

Patchwork piecing is not my thing really.

Toowoomba Quilters Club is conducting a block of the month at the moment with two blocks per month published in their newsletter. I decided to challenge myself and give it a go.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the results. They are not perfect - but they are mine!!

Block No 1 is called "Christmas Cards" (I chose to do a non-Christmas version)

Block No 2 is called Rick Rack Row

Our cute little granddaughter, Lilian, is doing ballet again this year. She seems to be a natural and is very good at pointing her toes and keeping a straight back. I was a proud Nana at her recent open day where Mummy's, Daddy's and grandparents could check out a lesson.


She loves it!

This spectacular wattle tree is in full bloom at my father's abode. When we arrived to visit him he was out enjoying the sun and admiring the tree. He is 87 years old next month and is still travelling on well despite all his ailments.

Dad and my sister xxx

Until next time ................ Dianne


Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Wedding & Some Crafty Dabbling

Our beautiful daughter was married to her wonderful guy on 13 March beside the river at Noosaville. It was a fabulous wedding.

I got all dressed up.

So did the beautiful Lilian who relished in her job of flower girl.

I did the card sign and place cards. They were done with watercolours on watercolour paper. I used a pigma No 8 pen to write the names.

It started like this.

The scissors gave the edge the ripped look. They were fun to make and DD loved them

For the first time ever I got to try my hand at some procion dyeing. Here are my fabrics in their containers 'brewing'

Some of my finished fabrics. I used a white sheet from a set we didn't like. They were 'noisy' sheets made of 1,000 count cotton. Very annoying but have now been reborn.

I loved the dyeing process and can't wait to do some more.


Somewhere in amongst all the madness of the beginning of this year I fitted in an online workshop with Jenniebellie and made this journal. It is made with some old sketches gifted to me by Shirley. The sketch on the front cover was done by Shirley too and I am hoping her sketches will inspire me to do some sketching as well. I really enjoyed the journal making process and hope to make some more in the future.

Finishing up with a funny photo taken at the wedding photo booth. My sister on the left proclaiming her love for beer, DH in the middle who states "you only live once - YOLO" and me on the right.

Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Easter my dear blogging friends.

Until next time ................ Dianne