Monday, January 26, 2015

Some Art Journalling and Playtime

Happy Australia day for yesterday to all you proud Aussies.  We spent the day with family and friends enjoying a peaceful day and being thankful for this great country we live in.  There was a wee bit of tennis watching going on too Smile

Cup Cakes

School holidays have just ended here in sunny Queensland.

We look after Lilian for most of the duration of the school holidays, and the one thing she loves to do the most, is paint with Nana.

Lilian crafting

She now has her own little art journal made from an old repurposed book and she has had loads of fun transforming the pages into art works.

After watching a video by Claudia Rossi, she wanted to embark on this one. Firstly she painted some bright rainbow colours onto the page in acrylics.


Then it was a fairly thick layer of gesso and while it is still wet she drew in some flowers with the end of her paint brush, which revealed some of the lovely colours underneath.


A little border around the edge and some words and she was done and happy!


My page shown start to finish below – I know, not as ‘free’ and smashing as Lilian’s.

   003My happiness page

I did this page spread which is at the beginning of a little travel art journal I have been playing with. This was our first trip we did in a tent.


One day when Lilian went to visit her little friend, I made her this sweet little pin cushion.  I had the components sitting in my cupboard for about 5 years.  She loved it and immediately raided my pin cushion to fill hers.

Pin cushion

The Travelander is being packed ready for another little trip.  This is how it looks off the truck and then the tent all folds down into the white part and it will go onto the back of our truck. 

Travelander ready to go

Until next time……………….Dianne