Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jam Making, Camp Oven Cookery & Scary Scraps

Kev's Marmalade
There is something very satisfying about making your own preserves.  My husband loves to cook and wanted to try his hand at jam making after being gifted 2 x grapefruit.  I don’t like grapefruit and he cannot eat them fresh because they may interact with his medication.  Grapefruit can react badly with some medications – this article outlines some of the dangers.
His marmalade has turned out rich and delicious.  I love it on wholemeal toast.
When we are out in the bush we love a good old cook up in the camp oven.  In this picture my husband is preparing the fire for a roast pork dinner for 6 people which will be cooked in the large camp oven. 
We also have a cast iron frying pan which is used over a special grill set over the fire as shown in this photo.  Beside it, the billy is boiling for a cup of tea or coffee.
The food seems to taste better when it is cooked in this way and it is so simple to prepare.
Camp oven cook book
Lovely Sheila presented a few of us ladies at quilting with this book, knowing we all enjoy this type of cooking when we are travelling around.  Thanks heaps Sheila, it will be really fun to try some of the recipes.
Scraps squares little
(A few of my scrap boxes – there are many, many, more including a big box of selvedges – SCARY)
As I was cruising the blogs I came across this one which is encouraging people to use up their scraps and make useful items – 52 Week Scrap Challenge (Samelia’s Mum blog)  I soooo wish I could join in, but time doesn’t permit at the moment. I read about this on Teresa’s blog “All Things Vintage” and she has made some great things (as usual) with her scraps.
Nonetheless, I have bookmarked it for the future, because God knows, I have enough scraps to sink a battleship.
Luke's quilt started
‘Luke’s Quilt’
My daughter has requested a scrap quilt for her partner and wanted it in blues and greens to depict the ocean which he loves.  She wanted one just like I had made her a couple of years ago. 
Close up herringbone quilt
I call it a ‘random’ quilt and it is just square and rectangle scraps sewn together at random and then I use perle cotton No. 8 to herringbone over the seams. It is a great way to use up scraps. 
This needs to be finished by March next year for his 30th birthday.  It is very fun to do and easy to pick up and work on as I sew it in large sections and then sew it all together.
To finish this post – a photo of our darling granddaughter, Lilian.
She insists on wearing this pink tutu to pre-school every day stating her Mummy says she HAS to wear it. LOL. 
Lilian in tutu
Until next time………………


shirley said...

The jam does look delicious, but forgot about the grapefruit cooked ok.
I love Lily in her Tutu she is such a cute little girl. DH is a damp hand at camp cooking no wonder he likes getting to the great outdoors.

Marilyn said...

Wow, Lilian has grown so much - quilt the little lady now isnt she, and so cute in her tutu. The quilt looks a great way to use up some scraps, but they do keep multiplying just the same. Yummy looking jam.

Jen said...

Hello Di, Your husbands Marmalade looks very delicious, I also love it. When we camp my husband goes for the barbecues. The scrappy quilt is a lovely idea. Lilian is growing so fast and she looks beautiful in her tutu.


Hello DI, Your Bush Cook Book was a very nice gift before you guys were off on your trip... The Maralade looks very very good..How fantastic that your DH would give it a go.. I have NO energy this Year for canning... very sad face.

Lilian is such a sweetie.. and I can see why she loves her Pink Tutu... Is that Kevan gathering the wood for the fire??? Hugs Judy