Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hello, my name is Dianne, and I welcome you to my new blog :
Eat – Play – Quilt
It is a place where I will share with you all the things which I love and make me happy in life . 
Something which has made me really, really happy over the past couple of months has been travelling around this great, big, wonderful country with some very good friends.
(At the Bungle Bungles)
A  place which has become a favourite  of mine is Middle Lagoon, on the Dampier Peninsular in Western Australia.
Middle Lagoon is maintained and run magnificently by the local indigenous community of that region.  The scenery is awesome.
Photos of Middle Lagoon:

middle lagoon
Heaven on Earth
This year we drove right into the Bungle Bungles in Purnululu National Park.  It involves driving through the station of “Mabel Downs” and the road is extremely rocky and rough.  4WD only.
It was the highlight of the trip for me.
Before we went away I worked on 2 small art quilts and finished them off in the past couple of days.
“Turkish Tea”
Turkish Tea was made for the display of ‘Time for Tea & Quilts’ at our annual Toowoomba Quilter’s exhibition in September.  The background is made up of recycled tea bags and some hand painted and stamped fabric.
Self Portrait “Daydreamer”

Our Art quilt group will be having a display of portraits at the exhibtion so I have made this self portrait for the display.
It is a photo image transfer from a digitized photo (done by my good friend Shirley) The clothing is done using fabric scraps sewn between two sheets of solvy.  The photo is a bit ‘wonky’ but, I assure you,  the sides and top and bottom are all the same width Smile
Until next time….


Susan Hook said...

You have seen some fantastic scenery and your quilts are lovely!

shirley said...

Your trip looks fantastic makes me feel nostalgic for my own travels. You have some awesome photos. i have done a painting of that bottom photo

Just love your turkish tea art quilt is is wonderful. Your self portrait has turned out amazing. It is such a good resemblance.

Marilyn said...

Love the look of your new blog, Dianne. Those photos from your trip are amazing. Both your art quilts are looking great. What dates in September is the exhibition on, and are you back home now? (cant keep up with your wanderings lol.)

margaret said...

some wonderful photos you have to remember your amazing trip. Is your old blog now finished or are you postiong on both? Quilts are great looking forward to seeing the display at the Toowoomba quilt show next monmth

Marilyn C said...

Your photos are great too. Looks like you have wasted no time getting back into doing some sewing. Love the Turkish tea quilt.


Hello DI,

I love the look of your new header on your Very New Blog. Your Turkish Tea and your Self Portrait Art Quilts are absolutely beautiful. I am sure they will be highly admired at the quilt show..

I love ALL your photos of your trip but I especially love the Ocean and Beach ones.. Very Lovely indeed. I will delete your other blog and add your new one to my blog reads. Hugs Judy

Anneliese said...

Lovely photos, Dianne, and the little quilts are beautiful. The portrait - I love it. When I see you photos of the nature I am always looking for something which I saw also in Australia many years ago. But this is of course illusory as we drove in a quite different region and only 500 km by car. The rest was flying.