Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Big Birthday - Best Wishes – Best Friends - Bits of Art



Yes, it was a biggy!


The actual day was on a Tuesday, and so on the Saturday, my darling husband and daughters arranged a family luncheon.  I did not have to do a thing – it was lovely and I was spoiled.  Our oldest daughter made the cake and it was a white chocolate mud cake.  I love white chocolate and the cake was delicious!!


Hubby doing the dishes  xxx


Lilian did her own make up especially for the occasion.



Even Bella, our 13 year old border collie cross, joined in the party and enjoyed some attention from our youngest daughter.

On the Monday my dear friends from quilting joined in celebrating, and we had lunch at ‘The Two Birds’ cafe.  All their food is homemade on the premises – it was yummy.


Around the table L-R  Vicky, Marilyn, Linda, Loretta,Shirley,Joan, Marleen & Moi.

  They also spoiled me rotten.

Gifts 60th

Beautiful gifts – thank you my dear friends. 

On the day of the birthday my hubby took me to the flicks and lunch.  We saw ‘The Book Thief’.  I enjoyed my day.

A few weeks ago I did this collage/painting spread on a piece of old card. It will be a book cover one day.

Snowbird Jornal Cover

Front Cover

The branch part of this image is a collage taken from a picture in an old National Geographic magazine.

Bird journal inside cover

Inside cover

Bird image from Karen over at Graphics Fairy.

I have to finish with my cute little Lilian.  This is how they come out of prep each day holding hands – very cute. (Lilian in the middle)



Until next time……………..Dianne


Annet said...

Happy belated birthday! It's good to see you had some nice days with family and friends.


Hello DI,
WOW what a super wonderful birthday you had with family and friends. Lilian is a sweetie. I enjoyed seeing all your birthday pressies. Lucky you. LOVED that birthday cake. Guess what I had MY Sweetie look at the photo of your DH doing dishes... VBG Lovely post. Hugs Judy

Marilyn said...

Belated happy birthday, Dianne. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate - with family and with your quilty friends. Loving the look of your collage.

Sue said...

So glad you had a lovely birthday - I did not realise it was one of those 'big' ones. Glad your family and friends spoiled you!

Vicki Miller said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday with family and friends. Love the collages!

Anneliese said...

Again so sweet, little Lil!! And a lovely birthday party. I wish you all happiness on earth - a little late now - but never too late for good wishes. I love your post.

Robin Mac said...

Belated birthday greetings - looks like there were plenty of fantastic celebrations. Lilian looks sweet. Cheers

Ruth said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes! Glad you did lots of celebrating. Enjoy your travels.

Dianne said...

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Dianne said...

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Jen said...

Hello DI,I wish you a Happy belated Birthday and seems you had a lovely birthday. Especially with your family n friends. and Lilian at prep! where does the time go.I don't seem to be able to get a comment on here for you. I try through Bloglovin but it doesn't let me.I don't know why so I am doing Blogger.