Saturday, April 5, 2014

Love Travel, Love Life

Shoes at beach
We have been doing a bit more tripping around.  This time to the southern coastlines of NSW and Victoria.
Windamere Dam
We have a “Travelander” which is kind of a tent on the back of a truck thingy.  We have our own shower, cooking facilities, pantry, queen size bed and a few other extras to make camping a pleasure.  On the back of our Travelander when it is folded up is a sticker which reads, “Love Travel, Love Life” – and that is just what we have been doing.
(Travelander on the left – my sister and her husband’s tent on the right)
Love Aust onion
Could this be an “I Love Australia” red onion???  See the little heart above and then the little Australia below?
Sorry Tassie this onion has inadvertently put you in the centre of Australia but I guess that is better than being left off altogether! 
At one isolated beach on the Southern NSW coast we bumped into an American couple.  They come to Australia every year to visit friends and see more of our great country.  The main thing that keeps them coming back is the Australian people.  They love us!!!  Another thing they enjoyed whilst travelling around our country was ‘the critters’.  So here, my friends, are just some of the wondrous ‘critters’ we bumped into over the past month.
Lots of these wallabys sighted at Mann River reserve, NSW
Cute, very fat, wombat at Tidal River, Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria.  He didn’t like the flash photography much, but these little fellows only prowl around in the dark.  This is the very first time I have ever seen a wombat in the flesh!!
Lots of birdlife, both coastal birds and inland birds.  Always hard to photograph!!
Cheeky KookaburraCurrawong
One very cheeky kookaburra (luckily the camp oven was cold!!)                           One very watchful currawong.
Yell tailed black cockatooYell tailed cockatoo
This guy was HUGE.  A yellow tailed black cockatoo – taken at Bundanoon in the Morton National Park
Crimson Rosella
The magnificent crimson rosella photographed at Tidal River.
EgretSeagullsShags Couple
crested tern cutie
The usual assortment of water birds, but I couldn’t help loving this little cutie – the crested tern.  His hair was all fluffed up!!
Camel Rock
Can you see the camel here??  This is Camel Rock beach just near Bermagui  NSW. 
My camera is just a little point and shoot thus some of the zoom in photos are a bit fuzzy.  Other than that it takes a reasonable photo – Nikon Coolpix S6300.
Lilian at hockey
Here is Lilian about to go out onto the hockey field.  The littlies look so cute running around chasing a little white ball.
Until next time (when I hope to have some crafty/sewing stuff to show you)


Marilyn said...

Lilian looks so cute in her hockey outfit. She is growing up so quickly. Gorgeous photos of your trip, especially the wildlife. Love that Aussie onion.

Anneliese said...

It is wonderful to see little Lilian growing up from the other side of the world. -
The camel rock - lovely. And all those beautiful birds! You know the names of all of them, bravo you!
Your tramper looks just a luxury home - it is wonderful to travel like that. Yes, and the Aussi-onion - I see I have to cut my onions in future the other way round - I might discover things, too.

Sue said...

Lovely photos - thanks for sharing! Where do you find places that allow you to build a fire suitable for a camp oven? ... you may need to give us some travel/camping tips!

Jen said...

HI! This is a lovely post ,being a camper I just love all those photos.The travelander looks great. Lilian playing hockey She is growing up fast. My grandson started hockey 2 yrs ago he is just 9 yrs.


Hello My Dear Friend, All your photos are glorious. My heart always skips a beat when I see the Ocean. Such wonderful and colorful birds. Enjoyed seeing your camper again. You were missed. Big huge. Judy

shirley said...

Hi Di, I know you had a wondeful trip, and these photos are the proof. Love the wonderful photos of the birds. Lillian is growing up so fast fancy her being old enough to play hockey.

shirley said...

forgot to say...amazing onion you seem to find arty things everywhere.

Marilyn C said...

Lovely photos, you did well to get the wildlife photos, they are hard to get.

Robin Mac said...

What lovely photos, you have obviously enjoyed your trip. I have only seen wombats in zoos. I love the black cockatoos, but not the noise they make. Cheers

Suztats said...

You do have some very interesting 'critters' in Australia, Dianne, and many of your birds are so colourful! Our former neighbours sold their house, bought a camper on wheels and decided to spend their retirement travelling the roads here in our warmer weather, and go south in the winter. Camping can be very care-free and it must be wonderful to pick up and go as you please. Do you feel like a Nomad? Is it difficult to return home?

Julie said...

Lillian is your granddaughter? Such a doll! I have an overwhelming urge to embroider that purple onion slice! Except to leave the heart, but change Australia to Florida!!!! hehehe