Saturday, April 26, 2014

Felting and an old Project Re-discovered

It has been a long time between posts.  Life sometimes gets in the way.
Hope everyone has had a very happy Easter.
Lilian loved the whole Easter experience this year.  Here she is as the ‘Easter Bunny’.  Once she had the ears on, she took the role of Easter Bunny very seriously and began hopping around our local shopping centre.  Many people stopped her and asked if she was going to call in on them.  She would just nod and twitch her little nose. It was very cute. She seemed to have boundless energy!
Easter Bunny 2014
Before Easter I got a bee in my Easter bonnet and decided it was time to get the felting machine out of the cupboard and give it a whirl.
Felting Machine
I was a little bit rusty on how to go about it and ended up breaking 3 needles in quick succession.  Nonetheless, I did manage to make a couple of small items from the embellishing I did, and now have to embark on finding a local dealer to purchase more needles.
Green case f
This first project was a case for my clip on sunglasses.  The black lines are herringbone stitches done in six strands of embroidery thread and then felted through the machine afterwards.  (Saw this on You Tube – so not my original idea). 
Basically the projects were done using wool roving and embellishments of other yarns onto an ordinary old piece of acrylic felt. 
Green case stge 1Green case stge 4
Stage 1 laying down the roving       
Green Case stge3
I do a little bit of hand felting to secure the wool to the background first
Green case bright yarnGreen case w embellish
Then comes the fun bit of embellishing.  One of the embellishments was this glorious yarn from Fibreworks (Kid Mohair Yarn) and then I used various other yarns and pieces of silk scraps etc.
Iphone case
A case for my new iphone.  It seems I have a penchant for green lately Smile
During a mad de-cluttering stage a couple of weeks ago I came across these very old crochet squares.  They would have been started some 15 years ago probably.
Crochet Squares
I decided this would be the perfect project to do in the car as we are travelling along.  Luckily I can read, sew, crochet etc as we are driving along without getting car sick.
So, I have done a couple of squares to refresh my memory and the wool, hook etc is packed in a bag ready to go.
There are a few trips planned over the next few months.  This coming week we are going to spend a few days in a forest park about 3 1/2 hours north of here with our travelling friends.  Should be loads of fun.
Here are a couple of favourite pictures of our last trip to the southern beaches of NSW and Victoria.
Lake at Eden N.S.W
Wilsons Promontary Vic.

Sculpture of Ned Kelly at Jerilderie bakery make entirely out of old bread tins – ingenious!!

Until next time……………………….. Dianne.



Hello DI,
Your felting projects are very pretty and creative indeed. The white beaches of Victoria looks wonderful. Lilian is such a sweetie. love her Lavender Bunny outfit.. How super you have gotten out your old crocheting project. Love those granny squares. Have fun on your travels. I kook forward to seeing some photos of your trip. Hugs Judy

Anneliese said...

Little Lil is of course a favorite of mine and I enjoy seeing news of her. It is good to have found something to do in the car. I am already now preparing for our summer vacation in Croatia. Your felting is beautiful - the colours are so good. Have fun on your travel and a good trip.

Marilyn said...

Lovely felting projects. I love to see all your different projects that you do. The crochet rug is too good not to be finished,and a great project for while travelling. Lillian is such a sweetie, and made a beautiful little Easter bunny.

Marilyn C said...

Your felting looks great, the projects are very nice and colourful. The photos of your recent trip are lovely.

Dianne said...

This is a test email to myself