Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Finish - Old Fashioned Cookery & Handy Gadget

The Ferris Wheel Quilt is FINISHED!!!  YAY!!  Marvellous what a deadline will do.
Ferris Wheel Quilt
I hope the recipient likes it and that it brings her much comfort.
It was difficult to get a good shot of it because of it’s length, but this is the best I could do.
Mathematics is not my forte so my DH had to step in and work out a nice arc to dissect the squares for the quilting pattern. I also quilting in the ditch.  In the end, I was happy with the quilting.

009Green tom pickle
We were gifted some green tomatoes by our neighbour.  What to do?  My late maternal grandmother made THE best green tomato pickle, so I rummaged around and found a recipe which I thought might be close to the one she used to make. In the past I have never been able to replicate them. She never had a recipe, and when we asked how to make them, it was ‘just a handful of this, a spoonful of that etc.’
This was the end result and I was really pleased (and surprised) at how good they tasted and how very much like my Nana Mac’s pickles they turned out to be.  We made many, many bottles and we have been gifting them to family and friends who seem to be enjoying them too.  Chuffed with that!
This is one of the handiest tools I have owned.  Gifted to me by a dear friend whose darling husband made it.  Thank you my friend Red heart
I use it mainly for guiding patchwork under the foot of the machine and it is better than an awl or unpicker because it hasn’t got the extremely sharp point to accidentally poke yourself with.  It seems to grip onto the fabric too and stops the piece from slipping.  It is also very useful for poking out corners. 
Are you a pinner or non-pinner?  I used to be a ‘fly by the seat of the pants’ non pinner when I did patchwork, but now I pin obsessively and I am much more pleased with the results. 
Until next time………happy crafting……….Dianne.


Annet said...

Congrats on finishing your quilt, it's a beauty!

shirley said...

congrats on the finish from me too Di it is amazing and the recipients is a very lucky girl to have such a beauty.
I can vouch for the yumminess of the pickles, thank you for them.
I didnt realise my little gadget like yours had such a good use. I will remember that next time I am at the machine sewing my pages together.
soon you will have all your ufos complete.

Sue said...

Gorgeous quilt Di. Just read you last post too, sorry to hear of the loss of your DBIL.


Hello DI, your finished quilt looks absolutely beautiful. I am sure it will be much loved. Interesting recipe for the green tomatoes. I have never heard of it but I reckon my DH would love it. What a sweet surprise to see that special useful tool being used. Smile, glad you like it. Hugs Judy

Marilyn said...

The quilt looks stunning Di, the pickles also look yummy and the gadget is interesting, have not seen that type before.