Friday, August 29, 2014

Busy Times–a holiday required

Hello All.  A long time between drinks, but life has been chucking us wobblies as well as some good times, leaving me precious little time to create. 
In between all of it I have been throwing a bit of paint around some paper and fitting in a bit of art work whenever I can.
My house is becoming a trash can as I save all sorts of recyclables and odds and ends that I think may make some kind of arty mark.  Everything is eyed off as a possible stamp, mask or stencil – LOL – nothing is sacred.  Different papers and ephemera are cluttering up the bottom of the cupboard too.  All fun!!!!
Here are some prints from the humble egg carton. 
Egg carton bottomEgg carton top
Celery stampStamp with celery 1
The end of the celery makes a lovely rose print.
We have a very small vegetable garden now but we managed to grow some beautiful broccoli this winter. 
Broccoli 2
Last weekend we went out to Leyburn Historical Sprints for my DH’s birthday.  Luckily it was a sunny warm day with no wind – an interesting day out is all I will say, but DH and his brother in law enjoyed it.
DH, Brother in Law, Ian and DH’s sister, Catherine.
A much needed holiday is just around the corner, so until next time, enjoy your arting and crafting


Julie said...

Haha...sounds like my house! You know, I had forgotten about the end of celery making the pretty rose stamp! I will try that in my card making! Thanks for the reminder! Your broccoli looks good! I miss my veggie garden...but maybe one day again!


Hello DI, Your art work is very creative. I would of never thought of celery ends for a Rose. Smile. Neat photo of your DH and all at the races. Please know I will be thinking of you all and "Safe Travels"!!!!!!!!! Hugs Judy

Jen said...

Hi! Di ,very nice paper patterns and celery roses how very original.Broccoli looks great .I must plant some veges. Hope you manage to get away soon I am hopeing the same as we haven't been away since February !! but still have a grandson with us for a little while yet.

Suztats said...

I have not been getting your posts--thought you were away tripping......I shall have a sit-down this afternoon and go through your last few posts--what have I missed?
I am going to try that celery! Nice artwork.