Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Not Much–How about you?

Poor old blog!!  Life has been pulling me in all directions but not the way of the blog, alas.
We have had some roller coaster rides these past couple of months, but life is slowly getting back to normal (whatever that is)

We set off on a trip to the south on 1 September but were called home when my father got ill.  He is pretty good now and back home receiving in-home help.  Hopefully we will get away again soon.
In the meantime we have started a small reno project.  Our ensuite bathroom was looking very tired and had ‘issues’, so this week DH pulled it out and work begins soon on reconstructing it.  Oh joy!
There is not much to show on the sewing front as my mojo has taken a sabbatical.  Also I had to have a small procedure under general anaesthetic which knocked me about for a week or two and seemed to take the wind out of my sails.  I missed the annual quilting retreat last weekend Sad smile( sad face) but because our trip was cancelled in September,  I was fortunately able to attend and enjoy working at our Toowoomba Quilters Annual Exhibition.
Toowoomba Quilters Exhibition has a fabulous facebook page if you would like to check it out
Here are some photos of some quilts I liked at the exhibition.
This one won the Viewer’s Choice prize.  Kudos to the maker, Betty Fawcett, for putting all those little pieces together and doing such an amazing job of quilting it herself.
This one is called ‘Insanity’ for obvious reasons.  Yes they are all teeny weeny hexagons there in the border (shown on right close up).  Marion made this and got second in the viewer’s choice with it.  Well done.
I loved the fresh modern look of these two quilts.  Left, made by Lyn Crump and Right, made by Lynn.
Another lovely big hexagon quilt demonstrating much patience made by Jean.
Lovely soft colours in this one made by my friend Lynn.  I love the borders especially the grey zig zag.
My friend, Linda Wrench has put her crazy blocks together with a stunning shade of duponi silk.  We started our blocks some 10 years ago in a class with Robyn Ginn and Linda has pipped me to the winning post and got hers together.  boo hoo.  Mine is still languishing.  Beautiful, Linda!
In the background I have been working my way through some more TAST stitches and hope to share them with you next time.
Until then,  happy quilting and crafting to you all ……………………..Dianne.


shirley said...

You will love a new bathroom.
Those quilts are to die for. Those silk borders on lindas quilt really make it zing.

Anneliese said...

There a
There were amazing quilts at this show - my mouth kept open quite some time forming a large and broad OH. My goodness me, what lovely work!
And the bathroom - I can tell you I know these sights!!

Judy said...

Your new bathroom will be worth it. Thanks for sharing the quilt photos-there were some impressive quilts!!

Suztats said...

A bathroom reno is in our future, too, so i shall enjoy seeing yours come to completion. Wow, some wonderful quilts there, Dianne. Hope your mojo returns soon.

Vicki Miller said...

What a great show! I am so used to our tiny little show, with quilts that I have seen from start to finish. The first, diamond flying geese is spectacular!

Jen said...

Hello Di, A new bathroom how good is that! Wow lovely quilt photos especially the work that went into those small hexies with the beautiful quilting, also the Viewers choice flying geese quilt.They are motivating to see.

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