Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas and Summer Holidays

If there is anybody left out there who still looks to read this blog, may I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
My lovely friend Marleen have me this cute and novel wreath. How versatile are those hexagons?
Lunching with my dear quilting friends yesterday, Vicky, Joan and Marleen. Lilian also joined us. We had a lovely meal, shared some gifts and some laughter.

I have had this reindeer stamp for many years, so finally put it to use and made some little gift cards for my friends.

Shirley gave me this great book by Chris Cozen who does lovely textile and mixed media work. She loves experimenting with different mediums and explains different ways to alter fabric in the book. It is good reading.


Our darling granddaughter was the most precious reindeer at her ballet concert a fortnight ago. The whole concert was really entertaining and a credit to the teacher.

This pair are getting hooked on the latest craze. Lilian chose a Mandala colouring book at the shop and I have Shirley the Jane Monk book, Tangled Gardens. There are some fabulous designs in them.

Shirley loves butterflies and started on this one. Beautiful!

Lilian seems to have an inate colour sense and her fine motor skills are outstanding for her age. Looking good!


Until next time, Dianne



Anneliese said...

Hello Dianne, What a lovely post. The meeting with your friends - a wonderful thing - laughter is the best to have with them.
I love the modern fabric wreath which you were presented with. The book will be a treasure to work with. And little Lil, already a ballet mouse- hm reindeer. You are so lucky to be able to see her performing. And then the colouring "club" ! It is "in" also in Germany. Somebody had an idea! My friends think they can use it as quilting inspiration. They are right.

shirley said...

Colouring in is where you go when you get into your dotage...this is my very first colouring in book ever! Thank you Di, another thing for me to be obsessed with.

shirley said...

Love these posts, Di, and it is good to see you having some fun time with the girls. Lillian is such a sweetie and looked lovely in her costume. She can teach me a thing or two about colouring in.

Chris Dowell said...

I do love seeing what you are doing, always good inspiration. Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year. I do love the look of the Jane Monk colouring book, Cheers Chris