Monday, January 18, 2016

Recycle Art Month

It is a recycling kinda art month with Carolyn Dube's "Let's Play Link up Party". If you go to her blog at you can see what other people have linked up.


I am in the process of making these old diaries into little art and travel journals. It is a fun process and as I do it I am experimenting with using different recycled stuff to use as stamps, stencils etc.

This is a polystyrene tray which I have etched into with an old pen and turned into a stamp. It is my favourite way of getting a unique stamp.

Carolyn has really inspired me to use some vibrant colour and I am embracing it.

Until next time, have fun ........Dianne



Anneliese said...

Good idea with the polistyrene tray - it is black and "fhey" sell cocktail tomatos in it?

Dianne said...

Yes that is the type of one Anneliese.

Chandra Merod said...

Great stamp and a wonderfully to use an old diary!

Dianne said...

Thank you Chandra and thank you for visiting. I didn't write much in those old diaries, so they were perfect to do some art into.

Plush Possum Studio said...

I love unique stamps. I really like yours very much. I also like the colors you've chosen for your layout. very nice all around.


What a brilliant way to make your own stamp. I must try this.