Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Doodlin’ around with the Journal & Holiday Fun

The school holidays are over Sad smile and we had so much fun looking after our little Lilian for a couple of weeks before she started school for the very first time. We went to a place called playdough land one day where the kids could go crazy with playdough.  She loved it!
2014 with pdough alien2014 facepaint pdougland
Here she is on the first day.  Sooooo cute.  The hat and bag are nearly as big as she is!!All ready for school
She had a lovely day and is very excited about going again which is good.
After taking the plunge and starting an art journal to explore different techniques, I stumbled across this doodle exercise with Diana Trout.
It is great for coming up with new shapes and I have already used some of the shapes and lines created here in my next pages.  Very worthwhile – and fun.
Doodling Page
Here is the link if you would like to try it some time.
Diana Trout   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiaAqGddHXs&list=UUtQ2BvLDOVKfSjQe51V-j1Q
Also, if you want to expand your drawing skills please do yourself a favour and visit my very dear friend, Kerry’s website:  All About Drawings.
Kerry is one very talented lady and we have known each other since forever, as her father and my mother are cousins.  Our families were always in regular contact and we had many fun times growing up living in the same town. 
Kerry is very generous and has many FREE tutorials and tips and hints on her website.  I know you will love it as I do.  Here is the link
Be sure to check out this amazing doodle one of her talented sisters did for her.  Here is the direct link to that:
First eraser stamp
I found this old eraser in the drawer and it has now become my very first carved stamp.  Very happy with it and I have used it a few times now.
Bubble wrap stam[Print eraser stamp
Bubble wrap stamp combined with my eraser stamp.
More pictures to come of art pages in the next few days (yawn?) and also some sewing I have done.  YES  - I have fitted in a little bit of sewing too. Smile
Dragon FruitDragon fruit mango yoghurt
This is what we call a dragon fruit given to me by my friend Shirley.  Her friend grows it at his property.
It was lovely combined with the mango in my Greek yoghurt, but most of all I love it for it’s vibrant colour.  The taste is quite bland but sweet and very palatable. 
Under the sprinkler
What better way to cool off on a 40 deg day than to hop under the sprinkler and twirl a ‘baton’!!!
Until next time…………Dianne.



Good Morning DI, WOW Lilian looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very very cute in your school outfit.. Love it. Your art journal exercise turned out very well.. Very creative indeed. The fruit looks yummy. Lilian looks like she is having heaps of fun playing in the sprinkler.. What did you think of the finals at the Australian Open Tennis?? Hugs Judy

Marilyn C said...

How quickly they grow up. Lillian will have a wonderful time at school no doubt. Your journal drawings are wonderful, it will be interesting to see what you make with them.

Anneliese said...

I wish I could hug this wonderful little girl, how big she is already. Thanks Dianne for the interesting links. I will treat myself with them after the concert we will attend tonight.

Vicki Miller said...

Ah the joys of the australian summer - when acrylic paint dries on the brush! your grandaughter reminds me of my teaching days.

shirley said...

Wish I were litle again and could play under the sprinkler in the hot weather. The lovely Lily looks cool and happy. She looks so little in her school uniform. Your journal pages are so interesting. You are one clever lady.

Suztats said...

I enjoyed this post, Dianne, and seeing what you've been up to........I've been known to pretend I'm 6 years old in the hot summer when I'm watering my gardens..... ;-)