Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sewing Projects Finished & More Art Journal Pages


The sewing has been simple stuff slotted in between art days with Lilian and general family life.

Painting 01.2014

‘Artiste at work – paint comes off skin easier than clothing and it was 39 deg in the dining room! The temperamental artiste would not get her hair brushed and tied back either!’

My one and only gorgeous sister is having a birthday soon, and I really wanted to make her a couple of placemats.

Placemats Lyn

Her and her hubby are ‘empty nesters’ now, so I did them a placemat each.  I have also purchased a couple of  stable tables for them so they can do activities and eat a meal in front of the tele.  That is what we do most of the time here now. 

I wanted something modern (and easy peasy ) and quick to make.  This pattern in the Quilting Arts Gifts magazine from some years ago fitted the bill.  Hope she likes them. 

Gifts BookPlacemat pattern

Lilian needed a library bag for school, so out of the same Gifts book I made my favourite drawstring pattern which I have used many times now.  I used a cute little fairy and cup cake fabric I bought locally at MK Sewable.

Lilian library bagPattern Library bag

The following art journal pages were done while Lilian was amusing herself with her painting. She was a great inspiration.  Little children have no inhibitions or preconceptions when it comes to art – it was an incredible experience to share with her.

Lilian paper cut

Lilian did this paper cutting with no prompting and no guidance from me

Stencil from Lili paper cut

With her permission, I used it as a stencil on this journal page.  Doesn’t it make a wonderful background?

Hoarded away in my cupboard I have many old diaries such as this one.

Front cover

This one was from 2003 and the little bit I wrote in it at the time made very interesting reading.  I decided to repurpose it into a journal and use some of the anecdote in the journal writing, and utilize some of the pictures into the design of the pages. It usually begins with a coat of gesso.

Inside pages

Inside pages

Our kitchen page

I forgot to take a picture of the before page for this spread, but it was a table with a quilt draped over it.  I have just followed the lines and adapted it to suit what I call ‘Our Kitchen’ page. P.S. our kitchen is NOT these colours!!  It WAS in 1980 LOL.

Since taking the photo I have written into the right hand page as well.  The two pages, although I like each of them individually, don’t sort of ‘go’ together, so I have learned from this.

More pages soon. Loving the process Smile


Until next time……………Dianne



Hello Di from Snow Bound Michigan... Lilian is so sweet doing her painting.. I also see she has a mind of her own.. VBG The placemat you made for your SIS is most gorgeous. Love them... I have a few of those old Dairy books too, neat how you transform the pages.. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Judy

Vicki Miller said...

Young children really are inspiring! as picasso said "Every child is an artist, the problem is remaining one as we get older" Your journal pages are great! My pages you commented on yesterday were in an old diary, too. I do find paper stencils are so much more versatile than commercial ones that you have to first find in your stash and then clean. They also have the added advantage that they become quite beautiful after you paint through them and become wonderful collage papers! Love your sewing projects, too.

Anneliese said...

Hello Dianne, again a wonderful post. Your little artist is so sweet - it is so good to have children painting and drawing. The place mats !!!! Beautiful. Quite my taste!

Annet said...

I like the teamwork in your journal!

shirley said...

the lovely Lily is taking after her Nana with her creativity. Love the placemats. They will be good on the stable tables and stop the plates from slipping. I am just amazed at the beauty of your journal pages and the cover of your book is wonderful, such beautiful colours.
have a good weekend from me too.

Suztats said...

It's so inspiring creating with young artists, isn't it? Love her paper stencil and your journal pages. Cute placemats, too.