Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 -The Word & Update on Pearl Couscous

Cous Cous pearl
Firstly an update on the availability of pearl couscous.  It is available at Coles!  Just thought I would have a look and lo and behold, there it was!  Hope it is as good as the Israeli couscous from the deli. It has a recipe on the back of the packet and a link to where you can find more recipes. Also, when I made my salad I boiled the couscous in chicken stock instead of plain water to give it a bit more flavour.  It may have been a little to salty so you could go half in half.

A lot of people around the blogs in recent years have been coming up with a word for the New Year instead of an actual resolution.  What a great idea - I thought - as I never keep those blessed resolutions anyway!
Soooooo, my word for the year  I decided upon is EXPLORE
2014 1st page the word
Here is my first ever art journal page. 
One thing I am not aiming to do is  a journal page a day, like some diligent people out there.  One now and again for fun is my goal for this year.  I am enjoying  playing with all the different media and hope to EXPLORE as many techniques as I can.  

What I am hoping is that it is going to be a  journey of discovery this year in all my areas of Eat, Play & Quilt.

New and interesting recipes to try (especially Mediterranean which I am currently interested in), new and exciting places to visit in Australia in our camper, and new techniques in the mixed media field to incorporate into my quilts and art projects.
There are some amazing people I have been following on blogs, watching on You Tube, and learning from, and here are links to just some of them.  Be prepared to lose some time!!! Be sure to check out their tutorials and videos to lose some more time.

 Agapanthus Xmas 2013

Our agapanthus have put on a beautiful show this year.


Marilyn C said...

An interesting idea for the journal, I will follow your exploring with interest. You will come up with something interesting no doubt.


Hello DI, I think your Word of the New Year is wonderful.. I plan to EXPLORE too.. I wish you heaps of fun exploring. I am sure you will create some beautiful creations while you are doing your exploring.. LOVE those Agapanthus flowers of yours.. I do not have any and I keep saying I need to plant some.. I look forward to seeing what you create this year. Hugs Judy

Radka said...

Ah, found you! :-)