Monday, December 23, 2013

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!

Wax like flowers

Wax like flowers orange

Wax like pink Flower
These unusual flowers were given to my Dad’s wife on the occasion of her 80th birthday.  They look like wax, right?  These are REAL!!  I have never seen anything like them before and she said they had come all the way from Darwin, so if you know what these plants are I would be interested in finding out.
Here are some pictures of our cute little Lilian on her 5th birthday.  You will have to excuse this doing old Nanna, but she lights up our life 
Lilian with cake
Lilian in the pink dress with her Rainbow Butterfly cake which her Mamma made and decorated.

Lilian blowing candlesSmile
Lilian eating cake
She really enjoyed her cake!
Holly Jolly Christmas
"“Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” is what  this little Santa sings when Lilian presses his button.  It really amuses her and it gives us great pleasure to see her enjoying this jolly red man.
Hope you, my dear faithful blog readers, enjoy your Christmas with family and friends and keep safe.
Until next time……………..Dianne.


Anneliese said...

Forgiven, with such a sweet - oh tell me more words - in German: Oh, was für ein süsses, goldiges, entzückendes Kind and all her friends. What a delightful sight. It makes my night which will start now in 3 minutes.

shirley said...

i know how much joy the lovely Lily brings to your and Kevs lives. She is a dear little girl. Those flowers are amazing perhaps they are of the ginger family.


Hello DI, I wish you a Holly Jolly New Year. Lilian is such a sweetie. Her cake was very lovely created... The shades of pink flower is most gorgeous.. Love it.. The other flower looks like a waxed Pinecone... It is a very unique indeed.. Hugs Judy

Marilyn C said...

It is hard to imagine those flowers are for real, but they are very nice probably only grow in the tropics. The birthday cake and party looks like it was a real hit with the little ones. Fantastic job decorating the cake.