Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reflections at Christmas Time

Christmas time for me is usually a time to reflect on times past, people who are no longer with us (such as my beautiful Mum), happy times with family, friends and neighbours and travels -  just to name a few.
2013 Setting
Last Sunday afternoon was spent with our fantastic neighbours.  We dressed up and celebrated Christmas with a huge lunch, a game of backyard cricket and a few glasses of cheer.  A wonderful day. There are no incriminating photos of me attempting to hit a cricket ball.  DH thought he had taped it all on his ‘not so smart phone’ but, alas, it did not work  - (insert big huge laugh from me here!)
Our hosts, Colin & Julie (Mr & Mrs Claus)
Mr & Mrs claus
DH dressed up as a Christmas Yobbo.  If you don’t know what a yobbo is, it is a belligerent Australian male with a big beer belly who enjoys way too many beers.  A yobbo has no dress sense and has very little social etiquette – ha ha ha – sooo unlike my husband really is (apart from the bit about enjoying beer – LOL)!
I dressed as a Christmas tree and luckily it was a cooler than average day because this fabric was very hot and sweaty.
Xmas Tree & Yobbo
Yesterday I was fortunate to spend a lovely long lunch with two of my wonderful friends who make my world a better place. 
Marleen place 2013

Joan on the left, Marleen on the right.  Marleen decorates her house beautifully with her Christmas wall hangings and hand made decorations along with other gifts from friends. 
Marleens dresser 2013

Wall hanging 2013
Our little granddaughter, Lilian, has just turned 5 years old and we gave her a toy camera – a Barbie one (because she is into Barbie’s at the moment).
Taking a photo
It took a few shots of her finger before the real good photos were taken :-  )))
Hoping you are also making some memories to reflect on
Until next time………………Dianne.


Marilyn said...

How lovely to have a neighbours get together for Christmas. Lilian is growing up so quickly. She will have fun with the camera - luckily no need to get photos developed these days.

Marilyn C said...

Merry Christmas to you and the family Di. You are really getting into the spirit of Christmas, have a lovely day.

Jen said...

Hello Di, A merry Christmas to you and family. I can't believe your Lillian is 5 now. The days fly by so quick. Lovely to have such nice neighbours and dear friends to enjoy Christmas with . A Happy New Year and Happy travels for 2014. xx

Anneliese said...

I know you had a wonderful time with your neighbours - you as Christmas tree what a perfect idea - and also "your better half" is dresse very meaningfully.