Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paper Collage Fun & Fabric Box

When I saw the fabric box on Anneliese’s blog HERE I knew I had to make one for a friend for Christmas.
The tutorial is on Jane LaFazio’s blog.  Jane has a fabulous blog with a few little tutorials for us to try out and her art work is very inspirational.  Take a look HERE… and enjoy.
Firstly I collaged the fabrics to the stiffening (1)  and then I added a fern stamp in an off white colour using a handmade stamp I made from a polystyrene fruit tray. (2)
Collage box for Shirl
Collage box with stamping
I added some embellishments and some free motion quilting. (3)
Collage box w embellish
The finished box.
Shirley's green box
Shirley's green box (3)
To finish the top off I hand sewed a silk sari strip around the top and added a little bead drop on each corner (4)
Shirley's green box (2)
A couple of weeks ago I signed up to do a “Getting Started with Collage” online class with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  I am a great fan of Julie’s, and love looking at her videos and art work.  (Click on Julie’s badge in the side bar to visit her)
If you get a chance, visit Julie’s blog and be inspired, especially if you love journalling and collage. 
Because I love to make cards I used her techniques to make some greeting cards to have on hand.  It is a process that I got really engrossed in, and for a few days the dining table looked more like an art studio – a very, very, messy art studio with a mad wannabe artist at the helm!!!
Open-mouthed smile
Julie showed us four ways of designing a collage.
Using some monograms as a focal point I made these collage cards for friends’ birthdays (next year).  How is that for organized??
Front & Back of the M Card
Front & Back of the J Card.
The blue card is using the ‘grouping’ design and again I used a focal point on the pink card.
The pink card uses old dressmaking patterns and a stencil from a magazine cut out.
Pictorial, Crossing Design
On the left a pictorial collage and on the right the ‘crossing’ design.
Most of the paper used in the collage has been created by me using acrylic paints, spray inks and various methods of surface treatments following some of the instruction on Julie’s video.
It has been soooooo much fun and I can’t wait to make another big mess and do some more collage.
Thanks to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer for making this online class for us to enjoy.
Until next time…….. Dianne.


Marilyn said...

Your art-mess was very worthwhile as the results are some amazing cards. Great fabric box too.

shirley said...

Your cards are great. You have a real flair for this. Looooove my box and after reading you description here, I saw things I missed . Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness Di you are a lovely friend, and so talented.

Anneliese said...

I am delighted, dear Dianne, firstly that you got inspired by my LaFazio box. Yours is looking wonderful, wonderful. What a lovely present. Then your collages, stamping - oh what a delight. I surely am going at once on the site of the talented Julie......I need inspiration, too.

Anneliese said...

Again here.....I am laughing so much about your mess making. That's great! Aha, and now I see that the recipient was Shirley, how very nice.

Marilyn C said...

The cards and the fabric collage are just beautiful. I love them.