Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Delights


 family at lunch

Some photos of Christmas.  Of course Christmas day was all about the food!  My sister and I try to come up with different things for the menu each year which we wouldn’t necessarily have on an ordinary day. There are some staples we simply must have each Christmas, such as,  Plum pudding and the stuffed eggs (which I make), ham on the bone,  and some seafood.

This year I bought some pearl couscous to make into a different type of salad.  My nephew loved it so much he was the recipient of the left overs – not much. 

couscous pearl

If you have never tried the pearl couscous before, give it a try.  It is a bigger granule and you can add all sorts of things to it.  The cooking instructions are on the pack, but basically you just boil it in water for about 8-10 minutes until it is al dente.

I can only buy it at a small delicatessen and this time they only had a tri-colour version, red, green, and plain which I thought was quite festive anyway.

couscous salad

This is what I put in mine.  Green shallots chopped finely, a handful of dried cranberries (you can use sultanas or raisins), salt and pepper, and the ‘secret’ ingredients to make it really special, finely chopped coriander (cilantro) leaves and lightly roasted pine nuts.  Add pine nuts right before serving.

I didn’t do a dressing but you could do a simple olive oil and lemon dressing and stir through just before serving if you wished.

Seafood 2013

Seafood entree

Main Meal 2013

Main course – Cold collation – Roast Pork, Chicken, Ham, Stuffed eggs, Lyndelle’s fabulous potato salad and her Asian salad and Wombok Asian coleslaw (recipe on back of Chang’s crunchy noodles)

Forgot to take a photo of dessert!!!  Needless to say none of us had any dinner Christmas night.

Finishing off with the delightful and amusing Lilian.

Lilian glasses 2013


Sue said...

Looks a lovely Xmas! Lilian gets more delightful all the time - thanks for sharing!


Hello DI, HAPPY NEW YEAR. it looks like you had a very lovely gathering of family. I would of LOVED some of those shrimps.. A much different than we have here in the states.. BUT certainly did look very yummy.. Lilian is such a sweetie. Love her. Hugs Judy

Marilyn C said...

Looks very festive and everyone would have had an enjoyable time.
You always seem to come up with something interesting and different to cook for a special occasion.