Monday, July 7, 2014

Birds, Trees, & A Little bit of Creating

Joan laughingJoan looking at bookJoan with book

Firstly, Joan LOVED her little memory book.

I have to share with you this most extraordinary stitchery which Alison made for Joan.  It is done on the finest linen and she doesn’t even use a magnifier.  Fantastic work! 

Alisons Stitchery

It reads: “ He who loves an old house never loves in vane…how can an old house used to sun and rain to wattle and flame tree and a tall silky oak ever fail to answer the heart that shows it love”.  These trees mentioned are all in Joan and her husband’s garden. 

birthday cafe

birthday group

Left to Right, Alison, Irene, Dianne, Joan, Marleen and Shirley. Vicky was the photographer!

  We had a lovely lunch at a local cafe called “Two Birds” in Duggan St.  I can highly recommend this place.  Hot coffee and delicious light meals and yummy cakes, AND BEST OF ALL, everything is homemade – there on the premises.

Now for some birds of a different kind…..

One of the hardest living things to photograph has to be birds in my opinion.  Just when you press the shutter, they decide to move.  Here are a few I managed to capture on the last trip away to the Gulf.

White Bird Waruma

At Waruma Dam – I think this bird is trying to grow his neck as long as that tree!!


Peacock Head of

Peacocks at Burdekin Dam – the colours are amazing and he has his very own ‘zentangle’ © on his top wing.

Peahen Burdekin

Peahens Burdekin Dam

Peahens – not so attractive.  Why is it so?

Red Tailed Cockatoo Karumba

Red Tailed Black cockatoo at Karumba having breakfast.


One lone pelican at Warumba Dam – This photos shows the cooking and wash up area on our slide on camper. Not a bad view to have while washing up!!

I love, love, love trees and often photograph them on our travels and at home.

Winter Trees

Our big, huge tree at the back in wintertime.  All the leaves underneath will be used in the garden as mulch.


These long tall skinny things used to be trees until they were drowned at some time in the past!

Bottle TreeBottle Trees Jandowae

Bottle trees near Jandowae in south western Queensland.

Avenue of trees Paranella

Tall Kauri at Paronella Park near Innisfail, northern Queensland.  They were planted in 1933 to form an avenue in this most wonderful park (more about it in another post).

Mandarin Tree July 2014

Our poor little mandarin tree which is badly in need of some TLC but still produces fruit faithfully for us.

J Card FrontJ Card Back

This is the collage card I made for Joan’s birthday – front and back.


Kristy's quilt layout

First layout of ferris wheel blocks for my daughter’s friend’s quilt.  22 more blocks to go!!!!

This is a Karen Griska pattern and is available here if you would like to whip one up.

Until next time – happy creating – Dianne…………………………………………….



Hello DI, I enjoyed reading your post today. Your Happy Birthday lunch for Joan looked lovely. Neat that the Two Bird restaurant makes all homemade food. I notice you all was wearing a lovely warm scarf. "Must Be Winter" Lovely view while cleaning up. I think your Bottle Tree is very unique and beautiful. Your Ferris Wheel Blocks are bright and beautiful. Have a great week, hugs Judy

shirley said...

What a lovely and interesting post Di. Joans lunch was a nice gathering and it was wonderfulto see her enjoying her book so much. You did a great job. We are all lucky to have you as a friend.
Your photos of the birds and trees are so clear. It is wonderful to be out in the country seeing such an amazing side of our outback.

Marilyn said...

Hello Di, lovely to see the photos of Joan enjoying herself and the stitchery from Alison. The card you made for her is lovely too. Your travel photography is also lovely, wonderful memories of your trip.

Vicki Miller said...

You have been very busy. Your friend's needlpoint is amazing. I envy you your sunshine up there!