Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stamping, Printing , Playing & a Quilt Finish

Lilian and I had so much fun playing with our art stuff last week.

We made our own stamps with adhesive foam stuck to pieces of cardboard and also some stamps from foam trays.  We didn’t have a geli plate so we used a plexi glass shelf from an old fridge as our printing plate.  It worked okay, but probably not with the same results you might get from a geli plate.

Plexi Glass Plate

Here are some prints we did on paper. They will make interesting backgrounds for collage.


This is the foam stamp I made from a supermarket display tray.  I used the end of a paint brush to make the grooves and I was really happy with how it turned out. I have done a pattern on both sides of the tray – good value!!




Another stash buster quilt and still the stash is far from diminishing.  The scraps just seem to multiply.

This is Luke’s quilt – made for our younger daughters fiancee for his 30th birthday.  In the top left hand corner I have quilted a surfboard in perle cotton as he loves the ocean (hence the colours chosen for the quilt),  and surfing.  Lukes Quilt 2

Each seam has been embroidered with herringbone stitch in perle cotton and the quilt has been tied.  Some of the larger blocks were quilted also.

Lilian in tree

Grandad put Lilian up in the tree for a photo shoot.  She is not scared of being high up in the tree anymore!!

Until next time….happy creating………………………Dianne.



Good Day DI, it looks like you and Lilian had lots of fun stamping and printing on paper. Neat designs. I rather like the reddish pink one.

Cheers for the finished quilt, it looks very pretty.

Lilian has certainly grown a lot. She is a sweet little girl. I am sure she loves play with nana in her sewing room.
Hugs Judy

Annet said...

I like your results from the 'gelli printing' Great idea to use those supermarket trays. The quilt is very pretty, that's a lot of herringbone stitches!

Marilyn said...

Love the designs for the stamping and printing from the foam trays. Lilian is growing up quickly, very nice photo.

Anneliese said...

Wonderful little lady - so sweet. I love the colours of the ocean quilt and you have done great to make all thoses herringbones - the paper printing is so interesting a pass time - with one's own stamps. Just lovely, dear Dianne!