Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seventy Surprise & Sunsets

Today one of my dear friends turns 70. 
We met at Toowoomba Quilters in the year 2000 and when I went to work at Blue Care, who should be also working there?  Joan.  We worked together for some 5 years and became firm friends.
We have been sneaking around behind her back and have put together a little photo/memento book for her. It will be a complete surprise when we present it to her at lunch today.
This is the front of the book.  I did an ink drawing of Joan & her husband’s house.  It is an historic old house built in the 1800’s which they love. I used my favourite pen the Sakura sepia pen.
Page by Shirley
Page by Marleen
Page by Vicky
Page by Loretta
My Zentangle page – All the items listed on the right appear somewhere in the doodle drawing.  This concept was from my friend Kerry’s website, “All About Drawings .com
Page by Alison.  Alison has done a colour photocopy of the actual stitchery she has done for Joan.  Can’t wait to see the real thing!!
On each page spread I have also included some photographs of Joan with her friends.
Red heartRed heartRed heart
We have recently returned from a trip to the Gulf of Carpentaria.  Our first camp spot was at Lake Waruma (near Eidsvold).  We have voted it our most favourite campsite ever.  The sunsets were amazing.  There were no bugs, it was peaceful and warm and we had this area to ourselves. 
Boys at Waruma
Golden pond
I nicknamed it “On Golden Pond”!
Colours of sunset
The mix of colours changed as the sun started to disappear.  The sky remained a beautiful turquoise blue – so many different colours appeared.  

Until next time...........................Dianne


shirley said...

You did an amazing job producing the book for Joan. Thank you for inviting me to a lovely day celebrating Joan's birthday.
The sunsets at the dam are amazing no wonder you voted it number one.

Jen said...

HI! Di, A beautifully crafted book. Joan will be thrilled to see what her friends have dearly made for her. A lovely momento for her 70th.
My kind of camp spot pretty sunsets.


Hello DI,
Wow, what a very creative and beautiful book. Your front page drawing of the 1800 Australian house is truly a work of art, great job. Shirley's stitching is always awesome as is the rest of the stitchery happy birthday Joan. Your holiday photos are super. Hugs Judy

Marilyn said...

The book looks beautiful and the pages in it are lovely too. It will be very special to Joan. The dam is a beautiful quiet spot to stay at, lovely sunsets.

Marilyn said...

Amazing photos of your favourite camp spot. Joan's book looks amazing and you have all done a wonderful page for her. She will be thrilled. Love your drawing on the front too.

Radka said...

Did you say 70? Never!
What a wonderful present; you clever people :-)

Anneliese said...

How much "gold" all over. -Your book is incredible - what a wonderful, wonderful present.